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Fear of Clowns

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. As the president of Fun World Clown Alley, I often hear comments or questions about this. I've had people tell me that they are afraid of clowns. Frankly, I'm afraid of clowns that are scary too! When I see those grotesque, horror movie characters, I just cringe.

I think Hollywood has decided to create these clown images because by nature, clowns are sweet and funny. Just this year, I saw an image of a sinister Santa Claus; it is the same concept... incite fear from the characters that are traditionally the most loved.

Fun World Clown Alley is an anti-scary clown organization! We love nothing more than to bring a smile to everyone. I hope that the art of clowning will be able to overcome the scary clowns of Hollywood and get back to old fashioned fun!

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